Aggreko provides safe temporary power, air and temperature solutions to the Construction industry,  including:

  • Contractor power prior to utility connection for construction sites
  • Redundant model home power
  • Crane and welding power for high-rise buildings
  • Accelerated concrete drying
  • Concrete cooling during mixing to expand delivery window
  • Power and Dry air for disaster recovery following storms or floods

Our customers define the level of turnkey services we provide. These range from rental equipment to total operation, including installing temporary electrical distribution to handling the on-site fuel and service management.

Using our rental equipment and services provides you with the ability to deal with any eventuality.  We maintain a 24/7 service at all operations globally and, through experienced and committed people, provide a response that is unrivalled in the industry.

Timely response and turnkey ownership of Aggreko’s temporary utilities, allows the construction industry avoid costly delays and stay focused on what they do best.


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