Increase efficiency in the winemaking process with Aggreko rental temperature control systems

Aggreko provides rental temperature control systems for the cellar that help wine producers to improve their processes and increase productivity through all winemaking process.

Discover our temporary thermoregulatory systems for winemakers and air conditioning for wineries

Aggreko’s team of skilled technicians will design the most efficient system for your needs, offering the best solution for your cellar are available 24 hours a day, 7 days week with an emergency service always available.

Our goal is to provide efficient power and cooling solutions for winemakers, to maintain optimal production in every situation, even if there is an unexpected situation as a power demand increase due to extra wine production, or a fault in the production plant that could fail the production process, or backup system to avoid such situations with our contingency plan.


alquiler de refrigeración alquiler de refrigeración

Likewise, Aggreko can improve the efficiency of the production, like stabilizing the temperature during the fermentation process, create a better environment for all the process such as clarification and stabilization and improve the quality of final work.

Some of our rental solutions for the industry of winemaking:

  • Rental chillers for the treatment of grapes and grape juice
  • Refrigerating systems and heat pumps for critical control points in the winemaking process (fermentation, clarification, stabilization ...)
  • Rental Heaters and air conditioning for refining and wine storage
  • Rental power generators to ensure energy supply during all winemaking’s processes.


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