300 kW Chiller Rental

Aggreko’s WCC300 fluid chillers match reliability with optimum efficiency. These chillers are specifically designed for heavy-duty rental use.

The WCC300 Chiller is a key unit in the Aggreko fleet and can be used on a variety of installations, such as process cooling and air conditioning applications.


The WCC300 Chiller has been specifically designed for the rental market.

  • Highly Reliable and Proven Design
  • Portable Frame with both 4 point ISO lift facilities and forklift pockets for easy handling
  • Wide operating range for use in most operating environments
  • Condenser Fan Guards provide protection against accidental site damage
  • Full CE Design Compliance


The WCC300 Mark 1 is simple, easy and quick to install and operate in all applications.

  • 3 phase and Earth Electrical connections, no neutral cable required
  • Standard 4" camlock fluid fittings and valves on inlet and outlet ports for quick hose connection
  • Designed to "plug and play" with all Aggreko TC ancillary devices (hoses, pumps, manifolds, heat exchangers, buffer tanks etc)


Low Sound Levels for use in sensitive environments

  • Energy Efficient Compressor units for low running costs


Fitted with Trane Adaptive Controller UCM-CLD Module for accurate and reliable operation

  • Easy to read and adjust control panel including inlet and outlet temperatures, system pressure, set point parameters etc
  • Adaptive Controls maintain very stable temperature control under all system conditions (variances in ambient temperature, flow rate changes etc)

The WCC300 Chiller is part of a complete range of temperature control equipment and ancillaries to satisfy all your HVAC requirements - commercial and industrial. Equipment available includes Fluid Pumps, Air Handlers, Cooling Towers, Heat Exchangers, Buffer Tanks, Generator Sets etc.


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