Chiller Rental

Aggreko offers air or water chillers for rental, with cooling capacity from 50KW tp 1500KW and low temperature water chillers down to -40°C, to meet temporary cooling needs both industrial cooling and commercial cooling.

Aggreko's rental chillers are used in the following cases:

  • Chiller breakdown for back-up cooling capacity during summer or production peaks
  • Back-up solution during existing chiller's maintenance
  • Pre-investment test and commissioning of new cooling plant
  • Event projets, like for temporary ice-rinks 

Associated with air handlers, they provide a reliable and cost-effective air-conditioning solution.

Each chiller is designed and assembled in our ISO 9001 factory in Scotland, according to our requirements in terms of performance, reiability, respect of the environment, particularly with regards to the use of HCFC refrigerants.

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